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  • Materialsynthetic Rubber


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│ Description │

TTC Cushion Buffer is the product which is classified as automobile spare parts and accessory. Our product is installed on coil spring in automobile’s suspension and supports suspension to enhance driving comfort and safety. It is made with our 20 years experience and technology.

│ Characteristics │

1. With our company’s knowhow of optimum mixing ratio for pure polyurethane, Urethane cushion Buffer has great heat resistance, cold resistance, and oil resistance. Therefore, it can be applied for all regions and climate conditions. It has excellent durability.
2. High tension and attraction of product absorbs any kinds of shock effectively
3. Various sizes of Urethane Cushion Buffer (K, S, A, B, C, D, E, F) can fit most of the cars from entire world.
4. It protects car shock absorber from unpredictable shock and provides sense of stability while cornering. Its main role is to enhance comfort while driving and to make driving safer. Urethane Buffer protects shock absorber and extends its durability. It reduces the exchanging cost of expensive shock absorber. It originates best performance and value compare to its price.

│ Merits │

1. Comfortable driving when passing over-speed bumpy road and rough road.
2. Prevents leaning with coil spring tension control when making a sharp curve.
3. With Cushion improvement, it reduces fatigue when driving long distance.
4. Protect shock absorber from the shocks (durability extends more than 2 times)
5. With car height restoration, it provides stabilized driving.